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Often times in life, we have experiences that bruise our souls; we may even feel broken. The world may want us to define ourselves by these times or the choices we make during them.  Part of the miracle in how we were created is our ability to heal. We all fall down at times, we may scrape a knee or break a bone, but in time and perhaps with a little work, these things heal and we are made whole again. The same is true for what we cannot see- the pain we feel on the inside.  Whether you have experienced pain from trauma, broken relationships, or adverse circumstances, there is hope for healing. 


Our hurt is most often connected to people. Sometimes our hearts get clouded by the things of this world and we are not sure if we will ever find what we once had. Relationships are not easy to navigate. Yes, they can be so deeply rewarding and enjoyable, but they can also be difficult and draining. It is likely that most relationships will fluctuate between both ends of this spectrum. The deepest hurt that you experience will usually be in relation to the people you are closest to. By the very definition, betrayal can only be in the context of a relationship.  Sometimes, people who are supposed to love you do not do that well, and we can carry the consequences of that with us for a long time. We can be free from these chains. 


Hope is interesting because it involves expectation. Many of us may be afraid to hope and have even resolved that we will not expect anything. Period. The picture to the left represents that it is okay to hope. The town at the end of the rainbow is where one woman's decision to step out and risk hoping changed the world. No one could have even thought to expect what happened, not even her. Considering counseling is like taking that first step in faith, it may be scary and unpredictable, but it may also bring a hope that is currently unimaginable.  Be encouraged, even being on this website is evidence of hope. 


To be at our best in business or ministry, we must function as a team. A clear leader who understands what each player brings to the team is essential. Linking each player to the others will ensure a solidarity as we strive towards a goal. If you are wanting to develop in leadership, or would like help with your team as whole, Consulting  may be for you. 

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